Modern in; Modern out

I get a newsletter from realitor.com every week or so, and the last issue was interesting because of its take on Modernism. Apparently, the millennials like Modern architecture. They like open floor plans, seamless bridging between indoor and outdoor space, and the Modern design aesthetic, which includes the features above as well as natural light and the integration of indoor and outdoor aesthetics. Because of their desirability, Modern homes appreciate at a rate of 7.7 percent annually compared to 5.6 percent for more traditional homes (3.7 percent for Craftsman homes and 2.2 percent for Victorian homes).

"Modern architecture is to real estate as Apple products are to personal technology" so says George Hale of H. Hudson Homes of Portland. He is right, of course. Makes you wonder why builders aren't building more Modern homes being around the country. The article notes that the South is more conservative about architecture and therefore gravitates towards more familiar styles. Nonetheless, I talk to folks around here all the time who would love Modern but don't have the option because there aren't enough Modern homes on the market, and this is in progressive Austin.

In other realtor.com news, the all-white bathroom is apparently out as is minimalism in the loo. And nickel fixtures. Hmmmm.... My advice? Stay classic. Modern doesn't go out of style!

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