dancing with architecture: White Sands, Alamogordo, Cloudcroft, and Orogrande

Had a meeting in El Paso this past Monday thru Tuesday, so I hightailed it out west early to partake of the sights and (green chile) sounds of Nuevo Mexico (and parts of The Pass) before I had to get down to bidness.

white sands

I hadn't been to White Sands since the mid-1980s. What a magical, otherworldly place! The night before I was racing the forward wake of a hell of a storm that left reflecting puddles about the sandy parking lots.

Looking toward White Sands the day before. Most (if not all) of the park is at the White Sands missile range.

The visitor center is well-done 1930s-era Pueblo Revival.

Boom. The first nuclear bomb was detonated to the north.

Music to an International Modernist's ears: White on White, Blanco sobre Blanco.

New storms a-brewing...


Spent the night in Cloudcroft where I got into an argument at The Lodge with the bartender on how to pronounce viognier. Enjoyed the sunset and went for a hike the next morning.

ye olde train station

The hotel lets you get up into the tower!

The original hotel burned to the ground to be replaced by the present one in 1911. Although primarily intact, the front porches, one covered and another uncovered, have been filled in with dining and shopping.

Stopped in to check on the Skywater development, a green rainwater-harvesting new development on the edge of town.

I then had a nice hike in the woods.

Three different paw prints!


Hide that propane.

The high school.

An observatory up the road north of town.


This vignette includes photos I never posted from a trip a year ago.

Need apartment complex that channeled early Modernism as seen through New Mexico's rose-colored sunset glasses.


Ain't much to Orogrande, but New Mexico is full of gloriously gorgeous decay.

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