Modern Music for a Modern House: Downbeat tracks from 2014

I previously posted our top upbeat tracks from 2014, so here are our top downbeat tracks from 2014. This is actually a pretty dang good and coherant playlist even though I listed the tracks alphabetically by track title.


"Ain't got nobody" by Sísý Ey

An Icelandic act associated loosely with gusgus. A straight-ahead mellow thing with some beats. Nice.

"Automaton (feat. Braids)" by Max Cooper

Glitchy, moody, and full of ginger ale hiccups. Burp.

"A brain in a bottle" by Thom Yorke

The brain (in a bottle) behind Radiohead, Mr. Yorke suddenly dropped an album of moody little tracks that shuffle guiltily along the dusk line. This is my fave of the lot.

"Eleven (feat. Mohna)" by Christian Löffler

Another moody track (a theme in this list?). Sweetly moody.

"Fading nights (feat. Anna Naklab)" by Parra for Cuva

A straight ahead mellow and moody thing. Yawn. (But a good yawn.)

"Góða Tungl" by Samaris

Actually from a couple years ago but didn't hear it until a couple weeks ago while perusing a record shop in Reykjavik. Heard it. Bought it. Mesmerized...

"I feel safe" by AxH

Based on the low end, I don't feel safe at all. Drub-step.

"L" by Tyco

The entire album this track came from is rather wonderful, a sensual mix of guitars and electronics.

"Long Time (feat. Laëtitia Dana)" by La fine équipe

Soul music locked in a cave with David Lynch.

"Love is to die" by Warpaint

Ethereal guitars, shaky drums, and whispers... If you are vexed, Disco/Very from the same album is a great upbeat track.

"Notes" by Christian Löffler

This is a remarkable track, cinematic in that it vividly tells a story. I'm not sure what the story is, but I suspect it's about a pumpkin farmer.

"Parallel Jalebi" by Four Tet

chickachickachicka with ooo ooo ooo ahhh ahhh ahhh.

"Projects" by A/T/O/S

The entire album by A/T/O/S (aka A Taste of Struggle) this track comes from kicks the big butt. Sophisticated, smooth, and the farthest thing from a struggle to listen to.

"Shortcuts (Lulu Rouge remix)" by Trolle//Siebenhaar

I don't know what the original sounds like, but it doesn't matter since there's no way it could sound better than this. Slow, plodding, and enough low end to cause J-Lo to turn around and face you in shame.

"Teacups" by Sorceress

Smokier than a vape addict; smoother than melted butter.

"Water Me" by FKA Twigs

Oh no! You got Coco Rosie in my Sade!!!

"Youth" by Daughter

Quiet and nice, a girl and her guitar...

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