new art for the art wall

Last year, when we stayed in Marfa, the VRBO we stayed at had these awesome posters from various shows at the Marfa Ballroom hung about. There was one we particularly fell in love with. It had a horse (a passion of the bride) represented in water droplets (a passion of mine) representing a show in Marfa (which we both love) and the words TEXAS (which we both love) blazed across the whole thing. It was perfect! After a quick visit to the Marfa Ballroom, we found out it was also sold out.

And it taunted us...

We saw one hung in a Mid-Century Modern during a tour. We saw another one in another house in a magazine spread. We found the printmaking shop that made the poster (The Decoder Ring) at Flatstock earlier in the year. They said they didn't have any more and that the dude that made it, Paul Fucik, had left the group and started Arts and Recreation. I sent Paul an email, and he responded that he had some of the series for sale, but not TEXAS (TEXAS was part of four posters with versions that included ENJOY, SCENIC, and MUSIC). After some back and forth (and more back and forth) Paul agreed to sell a full set to us. Turns out Paul is passionate about water as well and is interested in getting into rainwater harvesting.

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