we have gas!!!

Hard to believe, but we just, this past weekend, got gas to our cooktop (what the Brits refer to as a "hob"). The hob we bought came from Europe, and they do things differently in Europe than we do, including how they connect their gas appliances. Since we bought the hob and shipped it out of the service area, the manufacturer (Whirlpool) refused to help (fair enough). The local installers were also not able to deal with the hob. So it was up to us.

First, after Googling the Google-space, I tried to contact several European parts providers for help (dealing with different gas fittings is a common problem when U.S. soldiers go to Germany with their gas grills [a common occurrence it seems...]); however, I couldn't get any play out of them.

After searching and searching (and searching...), I finally found Malone Specialty, who sells a variety of fittings, including metric to standard fittings. After researching about different types of fittings and figuring out sizes and whatnot, I ordered the part I thought would work. And it worked except that the metric side was too long resulting in an inadequate seal. For an amazingly reasonable price, Malone machined the part down to the appropriate length. With fingers crossed (and the bride glaring expectantly over a well-used hot plate...) I connected the various bits, and..... Koala! It worked! We have gas! No longer will we have to live like crack addicts in an abandoned flophouse stewing crystal meth on a caramelized hot plate!

So, be aware (beware?) buying non-standard kitchen ware. You might not get great local and manufacturer support. Having said all that, we are pleased as Punch (go look that one up...) with our hob. It's beautiful and works great!

If you look closely you can see the suds to test for leaks.


  1. So you're saying you're now able to stew your crystal meth on a proper modern range?

    I'm...happy for you...?

    1. If you need a holiday pick-me-up, please let us know.