a first xmas in a modern house

As we spent the day cooking (and eating), we reflected on what a busy and eventful year it has been, not the least of which we built (and moved into!) a house. With the (newly connected) cooktop roaring, holiday tunes whispering, and the cat purring, it felt good to be home for Christmas.

Santa brought the cat some hypoallergenic-vegan-gluten-free rodents to play with:

As well as a grumpy cat companion:

"I can't wait to vomit on this chair"

On the architectural side, Santa also brought a 20+ pound tome on Corbusier:

"I can't wait to vomit on this book."

as well as a less weighty Neutra:

And there's a Schindler on the way (a book commemorating his 100th birthday in the late 80s).

Our pal Bf drew up the house (something he did with our old house):

which cleverly includes the cat, the car, the landscaping plan, and hypothetical explorations of wifi radii.

We cooked up a meal for friends that featured, appropriately enough, New Mexican Christmas cookies (biscochitos) and New Mexican enchiladas Christmas style (some with red chile, some with green chile) preceded with slow-cooked carnitas and postceded with a festive pumpkin roll made lovingly by our friend Ih.

And the award for xmas card o the year goes to this freaky beauty:

Hard to say what the new year will bring. The home tour is coming soon, we'll (hopefully) finish moving in (we still have stuff in storage....), the little cars will come home, we're talking about going to Europe to visit friends (and sneak in visits to Corbusier's houses in Paris and, perhaps, visit the old modern homes in Stuttgart).

We hope your holidays were safe and enjoyable and that the new year holds great promise and adventure.

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