still punching: plugs, art lights, doorbell, wall hung, HVAC woes

We've been out of town the past week, so just a quick note (with follow-on dancing with architectures coming up!).

floor plugs!

The floor plugs are in! Took a while to find the right aluminum (not brass) plugs, but here they are:


All but one of the eyeballs is in. We would have preferred something flatter with a slot, but eyeballs is all that works with these particular cans (make note of that if you are canning up your house). We had debated whether or not to bother with the eyeballs, but we're glad we did. They focus the light on the art (as they should) but also reduce the glare from plain ole cans.

wall hung!

Got the drywall behind the wall hung toilet replaced with Hardie backer and tile. That should hold the toilet better.

doorbell (and chime)!

Finally chased down the doorbell chime (no thanks to moderndoorbells.com...). Turns out they sent it to our old apartment and not the bride's place of bidness as requested. Back when it didn't show up (and showed up at UPS as being delivered), I verified the order (it was correct) and sent the doorbell folks an email. After not getting a response, two weeks later I sent another email. No response again. Went to call them, but no number is listed at their web site. Buyer beware: If you don't get your product you are probably ess oh el.

The good news is that the chime works with the doorbell button and it now glows as it should (very cool) and rings the chimes. Yay!

HVAC issues continue...

Still no resolution to the HVAC issues we've been having. I found the installer instructions for the dampers online and read 'em and then took a closer look at the dampers. Discovered that one of the dampers (the one to the master, of course) is not wired correctly.

Notice how the wires are different?

I'd fix it, but since, as a homeowner, "I don't know what I'm doing" and would void the warranty, I'll let the "professionals" fix it. I did learn from the installer's instruction how to override the electronic control and manually open the damper. Cool air, my friends, flowing into the bedroom! There is hope!

moments of bliss

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