details details...

My life has been a little crazy lately, so sorry for the lack of posts. Here are some cool photos, some updates, and some details that have been ironed out:

Kind of a neat evening shadows shot...

X marks the spot. Light in from a window reflecting off the floor.

The fence is now painted! Looks good.

Painted fence on the other side of the house.

Mowed the grass!

Finished out the screening on the bedroom door.

Been researching how to take better architectural photographs. Here's a couple tries for brighter inside photos. Discovered the preview function on my camera...

Installed the Corbusierish (Loosian?) bird feeder outside the kitchen window.

Hung up/modified some more art:

Upgraded the catbox:

Plugged in some lights behind the garage:

And goofed with some more night shots:

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