Modern house numbers update (and pizza tips!)

I know y'all have been waiting on pins and needles on this... To recap, we decided we wanted to get our house numbers from (ahem) modern house numbers. Furthermore, we wanted to modify the numbers a bit to play on the up-and-down action from the circular parts of our address. Fortunately, since modern house numbers (the company) is a small business, they consider custom designs. So after writing them about what we wanted to do, they replied with "sure" and "this would look really cool". Even better, they can do it with no custom upcharge. Sweet!

Here's the design they came up with:

which is right on the money for what we want.

Since I second guess (excuse me: quality control) everything, I researched a little more into what different folks say about the location and size of street addresses and came across this very detailed analysis of house numbers by a pizza delivery dude.

It seems our numbers will work just fine.

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