this budskar's for you

Wandered up to IKEA in Round Round this past Sunday to check out and, if checked out, pick up the newly available Budskar faucet for the laundry room. Expensive for an IKEA faucet (that means it cost more than $19.99...), I was hoping that meant it was solid, and I wasn't disappointed. Other IKEA faucets feel cheap and inadequate. This baby is solid as well as solidly blocky. It's also rather dainty for a kitchen faucet, which is perfect since we plan to use it with a Kohler Verticyl sink that intended for a bathroom.


  1. Hey, I was at Ikea last Sunday! (In related news, Ikea is coming to our house on Tuesday...I'll explain later.)

  2. Sounds like a repo job... You guys not keeping up with yer lay away payments?