Lovell Beach House Bank!

If you're thinking of sending me something for x-mas, think no more: The Lovell Beach House Bank! Made from resin by Landmark Models, this model (sadly, it turns out it is not a bank, although other models are...) was, according to Landmark, "...based on meticulous research of original architectural drawings and photographs of the built structure." However, my inner Schindler-geek (and you know we're talking big-geeky here) wistfully and whispfully notes that the model doesn't reflect the original design and built structure (the windows in the front top story [the sleeping porches]were added to the open patio several years later when it became clear Schindler didn't take pains to design drains large enough to drain rains [say that seven times fast...]). when voices that carried up through the drains disturbed the porch sleepers. Landmark also has models by Wright and a Case Study house.

Thanks to the good folks at PrairieMod for the link.

The original Lovell Beach House:

and the later, modified version:

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