a graffiti walk in NOLA


Over 3.5 days we walked 33 miles, so we blissfully saw a lot of street art, much of it randomly. After gawking at architecture in the Lower 9th, we randomly chose a place to grab a bite to eat. On the way, our Uber driver happened to take us down the graffiti-laden St Claude Avenue and told us the story of the legal fight between the mayor and property owners over the right to place murals on their property (really? this is a fight?). As it turned out, a Banksey was a block away from the restaurant, so he dropped us off there. 

Soon after Katrina, Banksey plastered the town with about a dozen pieces. An equally mysterious soul called The Grey Ghost (could it be THE MAYOR?!?!?) quickly painted over most of them. A judge has put a stay on the city covering up murals on private property, so the timing for our visit was highly fortunate. The local luminary is B-Mike whose work holds messages of hope for locals (he's been caught up in the street art legal battles). A wealthy local has allowed B-Mike to take over a warehouse, called Studio Be, with his fantastic work. See it while you can!


































































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