dancing with architecture: lille, france (with a side of bruges, belgium)

Our main purpose to be in Lille was to visit an old friend (hello Bruno!), but we were able to stop into the Louvre satellite south of town in Lens, glovingly gawk at Robert Mallet-Stevens Villa Cavrois on the north side of town, take a Bruno-guided side trip to Bruges, and stroll a wee bit about Lille.

On the approach to Lille, we stopped in at Musée du Louvre-Lens, a small but gorgeous satellite museum of the grand-daddy in Paris. Placed on a former mine, the museum was designed by those embracers of white and light, SANAA, in collaboration with Imrey Culbert and landscape designer Catherine Mosbach. A really gorgeous museum and a worthy stop if you are in the area.

Once in Lille, we checked in and strolled over to an Art Nouveau classic.

Our hotel

Corbu inspired student housing

Hector Guimard's Coilliot house (1898-1900) 

After meeting up with Bruno, he guided us to Bruges for lunch, coffee, and a stroll.

Stairstep gables are a telltale sign of Flanders architecture.

This is how we zommed around Europe: With an iPad on the dash!

Bruno is a mussel man.

I love the contrast between "Aardbeien and slagroom" and "fraises and chantilly" #language

We are weak. We need milk in our espresso.

Back to Lille for a visit to the town square. "What are you doing! What are you doing!" Bruno yipped as I yielded to pedestrians.

A performance in the windows!

Art Deco memorial to the dead of World War I

buskers at the pyramid




Charles de Gaulle graffiti (Chuck was from Lille)


Dinner at a restaurant known for southwestern French cuisine (something we were seriously yearning). That's right: Every table had a toaster!

Still life of Bruno with toaster.

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