chains for rains

The rain chains came! The rain chains came! These are made of aluminum (aluminum = resilience and [relative] weightlessness) and are double circular loops connected by single circular loops. We picked them up from (ahem) rainchains.com where you can buy by the foot.

If you've never lived with rain chains before, you might be thinking, a la Hank on the Hill "What in the hell?", but they actually work. Water, through the miracle of hydrogen bonding, tends to stick to itself, so it tends to stick to the chains (and itself) on the way down to the ground. In certain cases, it's far more aesthetic to use a chain instead of gutter.

Although we missed Biblical Rains 1.0 several weeks ago, we caught Biblical Rains 2.0 last night: four inches of awesomeness all directed to our tank. The float be floating!

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