it's always the Wong time for a photograph...

The architects want to get some nice photos of the house for their web page and for Houzz. Turns out that our house is (most likely) their first project as Element 5 Architecture, so the project is a little special in that respect.

The architects hired Patrick Wong of Atelier Wong Photography to take the photos, which is pretty cool, 'cause we're big fans of Wong's work. Although he swags through a wide range of photographic needs, he really excels at architectural photography, informed, I'm sure, by his degrees in environmental design and architecture (and he has a pretty darn cool house himself).

Patrick came over a week or so ago with the architect, Nick Mehl, to scope out the place and figure out what shots he wanted to take. He then came back this past weekend to shoot the shots.

A big part of the real-deal photography is controlling the light. Therefore Patrick brought in a couple tri-pods with lights (looked like halogens). He used a nice wide-angle lens (a must for architectural photography) and was meticulous about ensuring the camera was straight up and down and perfectly horizontal (important with architectural photography and wide angle lenses).

A storm blew in so he had to come back later to get the outside shots, some in the day, some in the night. We'll you know when the photos get posted!


  1. You got Patrick Wong. Color me envious.

    A few years ago, he knocked over my bike while jumping over a stone wall during the AIA tour-by-bike. So you may have fancy pictures, but you probably don't have bike scrapes inflicted by a famous-ish photographer.

    1. You were at the Wright place at the Wong time.